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I don’t know what you are hoping from this life. If it’s a college degree, or a dream job, a beautiful house, much money, happiness.

You can get that. Believe me you can. Never forget, though, that what is really important, you can’t see and you can’t touch.

The difference between that ones that seek world’s glory and his glory is tremendous. If you come before God on that day with hands full of the glory of the world,I believe it will be worth less than empty hands.

(via worshipgifs)
Sometimes the most holy work we can do is listen to each other’s stories and take their suffering into our hearts, carrying each other’s burdens and wounds to Christ. So, no, I don’t guard my gates against simply terrible or scary things anymore. Instead, I want to guard my gates against what diminishes wholeness and holiness in me. I guard against the influences that make me the worst version of myself, the influences that feed my natural tendencies towards sin and bitterness, rage and cynicism, seeing the worst of people and being quick to offence.
Sarah Bessey (via azspot)
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